It's Christmas in Fallbrook

The Fallsbrae Garden Railroad

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Welcome to the Fallsbrae Garden Railroad in Fallbrook!

Waterfalls, Rivers, Lakes, Tunnels, Bridges, Mines, Towns & Trestles... a fun Railroad Empire!

The Fallsbrae Garden Railroad currently has 5 separate lines with 15 different trains taking turns running on the rails all under fully automated control.

BE AMAZED with 3 waterfalls, a fast flowing river, a scale forest, and many busy towns.
All the track is custom bent to follow the terrain.

Click on the links above for a virtual tour! Most photos are HD and designed for today's 1280x1024 monitors.

~ This Railroad is easy handicap access everywhere. ~

We are members of the Orange County Garden Railroad Society, and also the San Diego Garden Railroad Society.

Send e-mail to "i n f o" (take out the spaces) for comments or to schedule a tour.